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Voice&SMS Express

Value proposition

Sparkle Voice & SMS Express is digital solution which allows carriers, mobile operators and international enterprises with high volumes of international outbound calls (e.g. call centers) to easily send traffic. 

Through a very user-friendly self-serve portal, customers can configure their accounts, manage traffic, choose the appropriate quality pricing, monitor billing and manage their own wallet by adding or withdrawing funds at any time.

Through a unique portal for Voice and SMS services customers can terminate any call anywhere in the world through Sparkle’s global backbone.


After registering on the Voice & SMS Express website and deposited some funds,  customers can access three different modules for sending SMS:

  • API interface – an automatic option through an  interface which supports multiple programming languages.
  • Marketing Campaigns - simplest way to activate SMS campaigns: the system requires no expertise, the web portal does it all.
  • SMPP protocol – customers can interconnect with Sparkle to activate SMS campaign via the web portal in self-provisioning.

Product features

  • Voice & SMS Express provides two different price and quality levels:
    • Silver: best least cost on the market for bulk SMS campaigns
    • Platinum: highest quality solution through selected SMS providers and direct connection to mobile operators
  • Euro or USD currency 
  • 30 SMS per second allowed
  • Minimum prepayment of 150 Euro/USD
  • Maximum prepayment allowed up to 20.000 Euro/USD
  • Real time Reporting

Click here to access the portal or contact us for more info!

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