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Barrier Antifraud Services

Value proposition

The Sparkle Barrier Anti-Fraud Management Service is a service designed to assist customers in reducing any growing economic risk, as well as the implications for a carrier’s reputation caused by fraud propagated either on their own network or a supplier’s which negatively impacts on business and customers.


The Barrier solution consists of 4 components:

Blocking: automatically programmed to engage when thresholds of interest defined by the customer are exceeded
Alerting: emailed alarms sent to the customer as soon as any of the traffic parameters under review exceed the predefined thresholds
Reporting: in-depth daily/weekly reporting of any metrics under investigation
Advising: Ongoing, advanced consultation services

The service offers capabilities for analyzing both origin numbers, as well as dialled numbers, for a comprehensive view of possible fraud sources. 

Product features

Two types of Managed Services are available:

Managed Service Option

This service option enables Sparkle customers to drive the use of the technical tools, while leaving the main operations management functions to Sparkle:

  •  Automatic blocking rules are configured based on Customer input
  •  Alert protocols are configured based on customer criteria 

Moreover the Managed Service Option includes:

  • Initial guidance provided by Sparkle fraud specialists in order to define the suitable rules based on customer needs
  • Remote training sessions 

Premium Option

Provides a complete fraud management service whereby

Sparkle fraud specialists study customer traffic behavior and coordinate with customers on the following activities:

  • Detection analysis: identifying risk flagged destinations and unusual peaks in traffic  
  • CLI analysis: starting with a macro level view and drilling down to an A-number KPI
  • B-number analysis: verifying whether the customer traffic includes numbers considered suspicious by external sources
  • “Roaming” analysis: traffic KPIs are filtered to check for anomalous behavior of the CLIs where country codes differ from native 

Country operator traffic

  • Advice Service: Analysis of alarms sent by the system in order to ascertain the validity of the indicated anomalous/fraudulent traffic 
  • Blocking operations: from the portal (“manual” interventions) based on input of the Customer and on the alarms 
  • Extensive and specialized reporting: on a recurring basis
  • Periodic Service Assurance conference calls: to review/confirm ongoing, relevant parameters and service satisfaction


The Barrier Anti-fraud service capitalizes on Sparkle’s complete risk leanings, combining a wide variety of competencies on many types of fraud, allowing for comparisons between the traffic behaviors of a vast range of different operators.


With long-standing experience in the realm of fraud management, Sparkle provides a comprehensive, expert-driven highly effective service at a reasonable, low cost.

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