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Value proposition

Sparkle BEST Voice Transit, provided over either an IP-based or TDM interconnection , offers the opportunity to combine different routing and pricing options and to provide customized solutions, that cater to our customers different requirements. 


Sparkle’s routing and pricing combinations ensure the best quality to price ratio. The value for the money on each of the over 1,000 fixed and mobile international destinations/break-outs supported, is exemplary. Sparkle BEST Voice Transit provides customers with three main options:

  • Standard Offer: the most economically priced voice transit product, combines direct links with selected least cost routing options for a highly competitive service
  • Platinum Offer: our best quality to price ratio. This voice transit product offers a premium service level at highly competitive rates
  • Diamond Offer: the highest quality voice transit product, delivered exclusively for direct links and/or tier-1 carriers, for premium quality at the best rate. The Diamond offer is designed to meet the needs of retail voice operators, specifically mobile operators, thanks to a selected set of features for mobile-to-mobile traffic

Sparkle IPX Voice offering: Mobile operators can also enjoy the Diamond offer delivered over our Sparkle IPX solution. For more information on the entire Sparkle IPX solution, please visit: IPX (link al servizio voice/IPX)

Product features

  • Competitive pricing
  • Premium quality and the highest percentage of direct termination routes, Global coverage through Sparkle Network
  • Flexible and dynamic routing
  • Specific quality parameters
  • Constant monitoring of the Network
  • H24 fault escalation service

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