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High Definition Voice

Value proposition

Sparkle High Definition Voice Service offers the opportunity to “link” voice carriers and voice service providers who have already implemented HD Voice services in their home markets, to other H.D. Voice - enabled providers outside of their home markets over IPX, to complete End-End International HD calls via a specified routing plan.


Sparkle High Definition Voice Service extends a means to ensure continuity, to mobile and fixed operators, of the enhanced voice quality offered to their own HD voice customers beyond their international borders. Transported via the Sparkle IPX, the Sparkle H.D. Voice Service is delivered by means of a reliable, secure, private IP platform allowing for a number of benefits including* :


  • Superior clarity
  • Quicker identification of the call parties
  • Less muffled sound
  • Less strain for the listener, especially during a long conversation

All of which allows for longer hold times, fewer abandoned calls and translates into greater revenue generation for carriers and service providers.

(* provided that both parties are using HD enabled devices) 

Product features

Sparkle High Definition Voice features global reachability via the Sparkle Global Voice network as well as:


  • The support of HD codecs G.722.2 for mobile High Definition traffic and G.722 for Fixed high Definition traffic
  • Transcoding which is available directly on connections in Europe, Asia and North America
  • Transcoding free Operation, deployed in SBCs throughout the Sparkle Global Network

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