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W.A.V.E. Voice Outsourcing

Value proposition

W.A.V.E. (Wholesale Aggregation of Voice Expertise) is Sparkle’s voice outsourcing proposal targeting carriers, service providers and new market entrants for the E2E management of their international voice traffic. W.A.V.E. provides customers with the opportunity to FULLY or PARTIALLY outsource their non-core wholesale voice activities allowing them to:

  • Cut operational costs
  • Simplify the management of international traffic
  • Free-up internal resources critical to core business activities

Customers benefit from Sparkle’s state-of-the-art technology and business expertise based on a wide variety of fixed and mobile terminations, approximately 1,000 breakouts and more than 500 direct interconnections. 

W.A.V.E. is a flexible solution built on a combination of defined key service elements chosen by the client, designed specifically to create a bundled, personalized solution based on customer- specific needs. In particular, W.A.V.E. focuses on high quality standards, price stability and market competitiveness, achieved through continuous cost benchmarking and minimal time to market. W.A.V.E. enables our customers to reduce their costs, improve their profitability and at the same time, maintain real-time control of their existing international voice business.


  • By choosing W.A.V.E. as a turnkey wholesale voice solution, customers will enjoy a complete set of management capabilities that will:
  • Offer access to state-of-the-art capabilities and know-how
  • Insure price stability and competitive termination costs
  • Deliver high Quality Service & Security
  • Speed Time to Market for new features and opportunities
  • Generate savings on OPEX and CAPEX for technical & admin activities, while maintaining incoming/wholesale revenues
  • Reduce exposure to high-risk, low margin business
  • Provide a One Stop Shopping Interface


  • Guaranteed competitiveness through continuous benchmarking
  • Customized route class based on different quality levels per single destination
  • Business intelligence for the detection, prevention and management of fraud
  • Online tools to access a set of user-configurable reports: traffic data, traffic values and quality overviews
  • Incoming traffic management
  • Customized billing system
  • Additional service to monitor credit of end-customer’s pre-paid traffic

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