BlackBerry Desktop

BlackBerry Desktop

Value proposition

BlackBerry Desktop provides users secure access to email, corporate networks, content and files on their personal or non-corporate managed Windows 10 and macOS devices.

  • Unparalleled security, maximized productivity, reduced costs
  • Full Business Productivity from Non-Corporate Managed devices
  • Easy Access PIM from Any Device Anywhere


Users can securely work with their corporate tools and cloud apps anytime, from any device of their choice. Best of all, they have the same set of capabilities that they would have with a traditional corporate-owned and managed computer.

Users can collaborate freely with business-focused capabilities:

  • read, send, and manage emails
  • schedule and open meetings from their business calendar
  • view contact lists

Product features

You can simplify bring-your-own computer programs in your organization and extend productivity to both traditional and non-traditional employees – including contractors, remote workers, and external partners.

You can integrate BlackBerry Desktop easily with your existing Microsoft Office on-prem or Microsoft 365 investments. BlackBerry Desktop enables complete business productivity across endpoints to all your users, without the need for VPN, complex hardware, certificates or complicated sign-in.

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