Home Doctor

Home Doctor

Value proposition

An "all inclusive" Solution that reduces costs related to hospitalization and home-assistance, improving efficiency, overall healthcare capacity and patient’s quality of life.

  • A unique platform compliant with regulations and norms
  • Flexibility to address several targets and use cases
  • Turn-key Solution with quick and efficient ROI


The COVID-19 pandemic is creating increased demand worldwide for home-based monitoring and patient engagement solutions. World Health Organization's guidelines recommend the monitoring of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients' oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and temperature.

Home Doctor platform is a safe and certified "all inclusive" solution for remote monitoring of medical parameters, keeping the patients home as much as possible.

Profiled access for healthcare personnel and patients.

Product features

ISO 20000, ISO 20017 certified and “CE medical device” certified Platform integrates a wide range of medical devices addressing different use cases:

  • Home patient self-monitoring
  • Pharmacy, Homecare tele monitoring, outpatient medical assessment
  • In-Ambulance Cardiac emergency
  • Thanks to its API the Solution can be customized with specific development, allowing the integration of additional certified medical devices as well as the integration of new applications placed in health facilities


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