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Information Lab

Value proposition

Take right decision with the correct Business Intelligence tool

The economic impact cause by the uncertainty of the actual situation are every day more visible . In this phase of transformation, the capacity of reading your data becomes crucial and using the right Business Intelligence tool to give you the possibility to quickly realized credit analysis and tool of evaluation of the risk is fundamental. The objectives for any companies especially in this period are taking the right business decision without exposing to any risks. 
The tools that can help you? Tableau or Alteryx! Or both!

With those tool you will be able to:

  • Obtain Credit KPIs, like for example average days for payments, unpaid invoices, credit exposure, credit limit over threshold
  • Precise and frequent monitoring of your revenue, sales, costs, people performance
  • Keep control of trend and situation for a specific timeframe both globally or for a single client
  • Obtain quick comparison with historical data
  • Understand and follow your customers behavior

Other areas and support:

  • HR: Analyze at-risk employees by building, age, and location
  • Healthcare:
    • Visualize patient-level tracing, testing metrics, and operational workflows for healthcare
    • Track hospital resources like staffing, hospital beds, and protective equipment
  • Retail: Understand and mitigate supply chain risk for retail
  • Marketing:
    • Analyzing digital marketing investment
    • Visualize how traffic compare before and after the crisis to understand problems and opportunities

From enterprise to start up, from healthcare provider to government body the power of data analytics and data visualization can help you!


Do you have data and you don’t know what to do? We offer to get from it all the valuable information that you need to support this moment of changes. In this difficult moment we offer at an advantageous fee our recognized expertise in the field of Data Analytics and Visualization to support companies on this business critical asset. We will adapt our prebuilt analyses to your data and we will setup a platform to which you can connect and see and monitor live your numbers. The topics goes from standard business indicators (revenue, sales, cost and performance control) to analysis of customer behavior, from surveys processing and visualization to any kind of challenge you are facing

Product features

  • Live dashboard to understand and monitor business key indicators
  • Data strategy for your company


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