Value proposition

All facilities can use ufirst to manage queues. Customers can get in line with ufirst app from home or can leave their phone number on-site, to receive an sms when it is their turn.

  • Avoid gatherings of people waiting in line on the street
  • People can get in line from home with their own smartphone
  • Manage the on-site flows with an sms alert to people in line


ufirst is the app that allows people to get in line from remote. To face the COVID-19 emergency ufirst offers its solution to the public and private facilities that have to be open to provide necessary goods and services. Ufirst helps all facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies or municipal offices, to manage the queue automatically avoiding gathering of people on the streets.

With ufirst, people can get in line from home via app or directly on-site by leaving their name and phone number.

Product features

Before the COVID-19 emergency, ufirst was an app that saved time and allowed people more freedom , while booking a position in line from remote.

Today, ufirst has a different aim to face the emergency: helping facilities to provide a safer service to their customers and users. This is why ufirst is now installed in several supermarkets, pharmacies and municipal offices.

The feedbacks from the users are great and we are proud to be helpful with our technology in this emergency moment.


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