Value proposition

It is one of the platforms recommended by the Italian Ministry of Education to face the Covid-19 emergency. It is currently the second digital school platform in Italy.

  • A digital classroom platform to bring the classes online
  • Share materials, discuss, collaborate, tests and more
  • Recommended by Italian Government


Digital Learning

WeSchool is a digital classroom platform that allows teachers to bring their class online, either over the web or via an app, to share materials, discuss, collaborate, do groups work and schedule tests and exercises.

Live Lectures

During the Covid-19 crisis, we set up a "Live" mode for real-time lessons, available also for smartphones for families who do not have a computer.

Product features

WeSchool Asset:

  • a platform for digital class Already tested by millions of users, with features suitable for COVID-19 emergency (chat and virtual classroom).
  • available in several languages Currently with versions in Italian, English and Spanish. Translations in other languages can be implemented
  • strong Know-how On how to structure online courses and support all teachers with a powerful help-desk


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