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Cyber Security Training Platform


Sparkle’s Cybersecurity Training Platform enables enterprises to assess the vulnerability of their security procedures and technologies while learning how to protect networks against live attacks through an unconventional training approach. The training takes place in a hyper-realistic and immersive environment where security teams and individuals can challenge their ability to detect, investigate and mitigate simulated attacks.

The Cyber Security Training Platform replicates real IT and OT infrastructures using several virtual machines and simulates networks, traffic and threats to exactly represent company networks. The simulated network is injected with traffic, replicating ordinary activities such as user web-surfing, emails, and server communications and thus reflecting a real-world environment. In addition, real-life attack scenarios are injected into the network, using the Cyber Security Training Platform predefined attack scenario library as well as custom-built scenarios. 
Sparkle’s Cyber Security Training Platform performs a wide range of threats including Ransomware, DDoS, SQL Injections, Worms, Fileless Attacks and more.

Trainees are scored as they identify, investigate, respond and remediate threats and reach predefined session goals. The session is recorded and documented on a timeline, to be later replayed and reviewed in a debriefing session. Trainees’ skills and capabilities are evaluated for further reference and training. Every session can be rolled-back and repeated.

Value proposition

The solution is offered “as a service” or sold as a full training platform.

Main benefits:

  • State-of-the-art and hyper realistic platform powered by Cyberbit
  • Fully customizable solution to:
    • fit customer needs
    • mirror customer network environment
  • Comprehensive training program


Sparkle’s training service is provided by security specialists that take care of the entire learning process, delivering guidance and assisting learners in mastering complex challenges. At the end of the training, IT staff members learn to identify and respond to the latest attacks achieving the highest level of expertise in cybersecurity.


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