Corporate Platform


Value proposition

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) includes a set of communication and collaboration applications (with a strong focus on fixed voice and V-PBX provisioning) dedicated to our partners. The solution is mainly oriented to those partners that serve a large number of corporate customers, mainly located in a specific Country. This solution, fully managed by TIM that has a long experience of Italy and offers the perfect integration of a partner service portfolio, with an innovative approach. Partners can use the platform as a white label offering integrating their own voice termination capabilities as well as other local components.


The standard proposal is based on an advanced Cloud Platform through which Sparkle and its partners can develop a joint solution with a specific service architecture that includes all the components required to successfully address the local market.
Sparkle provides a platform solution that allows partners to connect their local voice components for incoming and outgoing calls based on a specific dial plan or local Country rules (local Dial plan, emergency call, number portability, ecc…).
Sparkle can also extend the service to partner’s sites in other countries for their own multinational clients

Product features

Partners will receive access to a multitenant White Label Portal that allows the management of their end corporate customers. From a service point of view, partners can select three different profiles (Basic, Standard and Plus) for each end customer. Partners can increase the number of features and devices configured, selecting the profile that best fits the end corporate customer’s needs. From the option to simply call via a standard IP Phone or use a wide set of collaboration tool features, up to the integration of a Mobile APP for access to all the Virtual PBX features or the opportunity to use a PC as a VoIP terminal.

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