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About Us

TI Sparkle Turkey Telekomünikasyon Anonim Şirketi, formerly known as Mediterranean Nautilus Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S., is part of Sparkle Group, a leading global telecommunication provider of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions. Sparkle Turkey provides Network, Data Center and Cloud Services in Turkey with its privately owned Premium data center facilities in Istanbul, offering cost effective solutions that best fulfill the performance, efficiency, flexibility and quality standards required by customers.

Sparkle's Mediterranean backbone is the first and only ring protected network in the region based on leading edge DWDM technology, providing seamless connectivity between Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus by way of a 10,800 km Submarine System fully interconnected with Sparkle's Pan-European and Atlantic backbones which extend its reach into major cities of both Europe and North America. Sparkle is committed to innovation, flexibility and the highest service level in the industry.

With a fully diversified Network and advanced facilities, Sparkle is the choice of preference of many global and regional carriers as well as MNCs and corporate customers in Turkey. Sparkle is also a leading Cloud and Data Center solutions provider through proprietary next generation assets in Istanbul.

Our Platform



YourCloudStore combines Sparkle’s global infrastructure with a virtual environment that supports resellers in easily selling and provisioning fully white-labeled IaaS solutions to small and medium businesses worldwide. In addition, resellers have access to a wide Application Catalogue, to enrich their commercial proposal.

Resellers can select from a menu of scalable and flexible IaaS solutions, which can be combined and packaged together with other services already in their portfolio. Resellers can offer these services to their own customers under their own brand name and through an online store where their customers can order, manage and pay for their services. The platform does not require integration with resellers’ legacy systems such as billing or CRM and allows them to rapidly launch flexible and scalable Cloud services that meet the different needs of their customers, while maintaining full control over the existing customer and billing relationship.

YourCloudStore allows service providers to deliver new value-added IaaS Cloud Solutions in combination with their existing services directly to SMBs customers via Sparkle’s state-of-the-art Global IP-MPLS backbone, while at the same time generating new revenue streams with minimal investment and the lowest possible risk. 

Value proposition

  • Easy access to a full IaaS suite of services
  • Availability of a wide Application Catalog
  • Full flexibility and scalability
  • On demand Online store
  • Service monitoring and management portal
  • Self-managed applications and service catalog
  • Automated operations and billing
  • End-User Portal

Sparkle YourCloudStore caters to the needs of resellers who want to grow their business with a new Cloud Solutions proposition, which offers a very short time-to-market with minimal cost implementations.

Through YourCloudStore resellers position themselves as one-stop ICT supplier for their SMBs customers who are increasingly looking for a single trusted provider for their organization's growing ICT needs, independently of the type of service they currently offer, whether they are a web-hosting provider adding VOIP services or a telecom operator adding a SaaS proposition to their portfolio.

Run YourCloudStore services on-premises with Snap-IT

Meet your business and technical requirements with the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployment models for your needs. Snap-IT is Sparkle’s IaaS solution delivered to the Partner’s premises, combined with the YourCloudStore automation platform. Deploy on-premises with Snap-IT  to meet your regulatory or policy requirements, with local data stored in own your country. YourCloudStore guarantees a continuous SaaS enrichment, in a revenue sharing model. Sparkle fully supports the local Partner throughout the implementation, leveraging its ICT market knowledge and Go To Market experience. Start-up activities, project design and 2nd level support, as well as marketing and IT training, will be delivered by Sparkle for its partners.
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Our Network

Sparkle is a broadband network services provider with an undersea, state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network in the Mediterranean region. Using leading-edge DWDM technology, the Mediterranean Network provides seamless connectivity from the Mediterranean region to Western Europe and the US.

The network spans approximately 10,800 Km of Sparkle’s interlocking loop system, linking Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, as well as the Pan-European and Atlantic wavelengths which link the major cities of Western Europe to North America.