Cloud Connect

Value proposition

The progressive adoption of cloud computing by Corporate Organizations has led to an evolution in their needs in terms of network infrastructure. In the past, server farms were hosted “in-house” in proprietary Data Centers, nowadays Enterprises tend to use applications provided in cloud or to virtualize their applications onto public, cloud-based, Data Centers reached through connectivity services.

Sparkle can address this Customers need through its Cloud Connect solution, which provides private connectivity to the public Cloud Providers Data Centers with better performances, more reliability, higher bandwidth, lower latencies, and higher security than typical connections over the Public Internet, and with a global coverage.


Cloud Connect solution is a private and secure connectivity service, extending Customer network into the cloud capabilities of the main public Cloud Providers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, IBM Cloud, SAP Hana, Salesforce) throughout the world, thus allowing Customer sites to exchange traffic with Customer resources in the public clouds with a network experience more consistent than Internet-based connections.

Cloud Connect can be a Layer 2 or layer 3 solution and is as easy as a new valuable destination of the Networking Solutions connectivity services Ethernet Suite, IP-VPN Suite and Carrier MPLS.

Product features

Cloud Connect solution is a private Layer 2 or Layer 3 solution, providing high reliability, guaranteed and scalable bandwidth, high speed options, lower latencies, and higher security than typical connections over the Internet.

Thanks to Sparkle interconnections with the main Cloud Providers and to the presence in all the main POPs worldwide, Cloud Connect provides private connectivity to the major Cloud Providers Data Centers globally.

Customers using more than a single public Cloud Provider technology, can benefit of Cloud Connect configured in a multicloud modality i.e. extending Customer VPN into the different cloud platforms employed.


Sparkle Cloud Connect solution can now be ordered with one click with the on-Demand functionality. Sparkle offers our Customers a cloud-like service experience, based on self-modalities, on commercial and contractual flexibility and on a full visibility and control of the active services. What previously took weeks for ordering and provisioning, is now getting fast and easy.

Cloud Connect on-Demand allows Customers to have full visibility and dynamic management of their services and to experience a new quoting and ordering approach, which significantly ease and speed up the purchase administrative process: through a user-friendly Customer Portal, Customers can access the inventory of their Ethernet Suite assets, and dynamically change the network configuration to reach the major public Cloud Providers or simply adjusting the capacity of existing circuits to address variable traffic needs, even for temporary period.

Following Customer's click-and-go submission, the full chain of Sparkle internal processes is automatically activated and aligned.

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Sparkle awarded as “On Demand MEF 3.0 CE Service Provider of The Year – Region Europe” at MEF Excellence Awards – October 2023, that recognizes Sparkle as an industry-leading service provider that offers on-demand MEF 3.0 CE services optimized for digital transformation.

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