Backbone & Infrastrucuture

Global Data Center

Value proposition

Sparkle manages colocation services on a global footprint to accommodate customers’ projects, regardless if they are based in a single or multiple locations. Global Data Center is a one-stop-shopping solution that  provides customers with a global footprint eliminating the need of a Data Center at any network node.
One account manager, one invoice, one contact point for all locations. 


Sparkle has selected datacenters in the most relevant markets globally through a partnership program that guarantees  customers with the highest standard and quality service. 
Customers just need to select the location, the space needed and the amount of power and Sparkle will provide the best solution.
Sparkle’s Customer Care will provide full assistance and support for any fault or any upgrade needed. 

Product features

  • Cost-effective solutions: Sparkle has already negotiated with partners worldwide for the best price to guarantee an excellent service
  • Time to market: a single point of contact for all customers’ needs
  • High reliability:  Sparkle has selected the best in class only

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