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Sicily Hub

Value proposition

The Sicily Open Data Center & Landing Hub - Sicily Hub - is a state-of-the-art center equipped with cutting-edge technologies for data security. 

Located closer to North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East than any other European peering point, it is connected to all the cable landing stations in Sicily and can intercept most of the submarine cables that cross the Mediterranean.

Sicily Hub customers can benefit from Sparkle’s Tier 1 grade IP Transit service Seabone, locally empowered by top global content as well Sparkle’s unrivalled quality and cost efficient connectivity solutions, that guarantee reduced latency and lower bandwidth costs than any other European location.

Sicily Hub’s open and resilient configuration supports carriers and ISPs that want to improve the efficiency and future proofing of their networks, while enjoying a rich ecosystem and marketplace of multi-breed, interconnected players. Several alternative service providers are available to offer IP and connectivity services to customers.

Customer benefits

Sicily Hub is the best value for money for customers that want to reach or deliver regional and global content outside of the area. Sicily Hub is, in fact, the preferred hosting platform in the region for:


  • ISPs and carriers with their network equipment
  • Content providers, CDN and cloud players with their caches and servers
  • Multinational customers, enterprises and mobile operators

Benefits for Sicily Hub customers are:

  • Private Peering through the Meet Me Room
  • Virtual Private Peering through the Meet Me Room to the most important telehouses in the world
  • Public Peering through the leading neutral IP exchange platforms
  • Virtual Public Peering through the world’s major IXPs/NAPs
  • All connectivity services in a one-stop-shopping multivendor and multilayer environment (L1/2/3 transport, IP, IPX) typically available from European Telehouses
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cost efficiency: Sicily Hub prices are constantly benchmarked with the most relevant European Telehouses and landing stations. In addition Sicily Hub’s proximity and connection to all landing stations in Sicily saves submarine MIU Kilometers and terrestrial long backhauls to European locations
  • Increased Quality: Sicily Hub interconnections configuration saves 15 to 35 milliseconds in latency with an overall quality improvement from 50% to 80% for customers from Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East
  • Increased Reliability: Sicily Hub proximity to customers lowers the impact of fiber breaks
  • Connection to all landing stations in Sicily makes recovery from cable failure faster and more economic
  • Highest Security: customers are hosted in a highly secure and state-of-of-the-art technological environment that ensures maximum protection and service continuity

All telco Services are provided by Multi-Breed Players.

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Sicily Hub. The new Mediterranean Ecosystem

03 December 2019     

Sparkle Enhances its Sicily Hub Open Data Center with DE-CIX Remote Peering Capabilities

20 December 2018     

New Talents On Board For the Mediterranean Hub of the Future

02 February 2017     
Palermo, Doha and Tunis

Ooredoo Tunisia lands in Sparkle’s Sicily Hub in Palermo and Expands Reach across Europe

04 April 2016     

Global Cloud Xchange Expands Reach across Europe through TI Sparkle SICILY HUB

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