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We live in the age of digital transformation: Connectivity needs to be smart, transparent, flexible and high-performing, to give you what you need, when you need it. With our new Bandwidth on Demand, Sparkle Ethernet Suite is now fully tailored to fit your needs.

Sparkle Bandwidth On Demand, a result of Sparkle’s leading role in the implementation of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), caters those customers that are looking for more scalable bandwidth, capacity and network intelligence, allowing a more efficient distribution of traffic volumes as well as transactional data among their own data centers and/or to the major Cloud Players.


  • Flexibility and granularity for bandwidth: flexibly upgrade your connection
  • Available on Sparkle’s global MEF certified Carrier Ethernet Platform and fully integrated with major Cloud Players (Microsoft Azure & AWS)
  • Straightforward self-serve user portal to react immediately on new business opportunities
  • Near real-time performance statistics and end-to-end automated provisioning cycle to easily customize existing Services, schedule their upgrade, or quickly activate new connectivity solutions for the required time, be it an hour, a day, a week or longer
  • Cost saving: the combination of the various commercial propositions allows the full optimization of the physical interface
  • EVC MultiCoS Data traffic prioritization capabilities

Sparkle Bandwidth On Demand. We give you the connection, you make the best use of it.

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