Enterprise Platform

IP VPN Suite

Value proposition

A worldwide integrated offer of Voice, Video & IP/Data services, based on a state-of-the-art IP-MPLS multi-service backbone with differentiated Classes of Services, that provides customers with a highly scalable, differentiated IP service with a simplified configuration and management.


  • Efficiency and convergence: Virtual Private Networks based on IP protocol allow customers to connect their worldwide locations with the highest level of security, while exploiting the full flexibility of IP-based solutions
  • To underline the enormous potentiality of the IP VPN Services, Sparkle offers the following commercial propositions:
    • Global Connect, delivered through Sparkle’s global dedicated MNC Connectivity backbone, offers not only great reliability for all Customers’ requirements in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, but also the support of a highly skilled team for specific connectivity needs to distinctive destinations like Libya and other Nord African countries, Ethiopia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Italy, Brazil, Albania, Turkey, Greece and other Mediterranean countries
    • Cloud Connect, for customers (either pure-domestic or International-focused) who need to be connected over private WAN links to Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google
  • Service quality: with MPLS technology, customers’ applications are managed with increased priority through the network to ensure a high-quality service. With 5 different COS available, customers’ mission-critical applications are transported with higher priority to reduce any delay in transmission
  • One-stop shopping: a single point of contact for provisioning and assurance
  • Reliability and robustness: based on innovative backbone architectures, top market equipment, and continuous (24/7) supervision by a team of specialists, Sparkle’s Network guarantees the very best market-quality standards
  • Flexibility: a wide range of solutions, based on secure access, with multiple technologies (i.e., Ethernet, DSL) and access types: Fiber, Copper and Wireless

Product features

A worldwide integrated voice, video and IP/data services based on a state-of-the-art IP MPLS multi-service backbone. IP VPN Suite provides customers with the benefits of:

  • IPrivate - sets up an IP MPLS VPN between branches offices and HQs located all over the world
  • IP Full Internet - opens the VPN to the Public Internet, with the best security features available
  • IP Live - enables interactive video within an IP network, to allow videoconferences while maximizing company intercommunication, reducing time and travel costs
  • IP Voice – greater efficiency with a unified network able to support con-verged communication services. Voice over IP (VoIP) makes it possible for corporate customers to save significantly with Voice

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