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Sparkle - Glossary Sparkle - Glossary
Sparkle - Glossary
IP-VPN Suite
Value proposition

A worldwide integrated offer of Voice, Video & IP/Data services, based on a state-of-the-art IP-MPLS multi-service backbone with differentiated Classes of Services, provides customers with a highly scalable, differentiated IP services that simplify configuration, management and supply for its customers.

IP VPN Suite provides high quality standards for every range of IP VPN last-mile network access capabilities, such as Ethernet, SDH, xDSL, Satellite, 3G/4G and WI-FI, and offers:

  • Innovation: Virtual Private Networks based on IP protocol to customers with worldwide locations, featuring the highest level of security available, while exploiting the full flexibility of IP-based services
  • Efficiency and convergence: Hub&Spoke or any-to-any connectivity among customer offices, maximizing company intercommunication in a cost-effective way. It enables the integration of all applications on the same IP platform, and ensures the band optimization and the simplification of the customer network
  • Service quality: using MPLS technology, customer applications are managed with a different priority through the network to ensure high-quality service. With 5 different COS available, customer mission-critical applications are transported with high priority to reduce the delay in transmission
  • One-stop shopping: TI Sparkle provides a complete range of services to fit any customer need. Rather than manage multiple agreements with different providers, customers will benefit of a single point of contact for provisioning and assurance
  • Global coverage: A worldwide end-to-end solution thanks to TI Sparkle's direct network coverage in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Mediterranean basin and Asia completed by a network of agreements with selected providers around the world
  • Great reliability and robustness: with extensive experience in managing geographical network solutions, TI Sparkle provides continuous network supervision (24/7), infrastructure redundancy , and alternative routing paths implemented for all customers
  • Flexibility: TI Sparkle has designed a wide range of solutions, based on direct and secure remote access, which can be integrated by the delivery and the full outsourcing services


TI Sparkle provides highly scalable, differentiated IP services that simplify configuration, management and supply for the customer. IP VPN Suite offers worldwide integrated voice, video and IP/data services, and is based on a state-of-the-art IP MPLS multi-service backbone with differentiated Classes of Service.

IP VPN Suite allows customers to benefit from:

  • IPrivate – to set up an IP MPLS VPN among branches offices and HQ located all over the world
  • IP Full Internet – to open the VPN to the Internet, with the best security features available
  • IP Live – to enable interactive video within an IP network, making it possible for customers to videoconference, while maximizing company intercommunication, and reducing time and travel expenses
  • IP Voice – to be more efficient with a unified network able to support converged communication services. Voice over IP (VoIP) makes it possible for corporate customers to save significantly on voice traffic including both on-net and off-net calls
  • Mobility Solutions – to create remote connections to the public Internet with a single integrated mobility client, on all devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), through to over 2.200.000 WI-FI hot spots all over the world