17 May 2019     

Sparkle Holds First Board of Directors After Alessandro Pansa Appointment as Chairman

The Board examined the Company's relaunch plan and the actions taken in the area of compliance and governance


Rome, 17 May 2019

Sparkle, TIM Group’s fully owned operator dedicated to the development of the international wholesale business, held its Board of Directors yesterday.

Mario Di Mauro, Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the Chairman Alessandro Pansa - former Chief of Police and General Director of Public Security and later Head of the DIS (Security Intelligence Department)- who was appointed on May 15 by the Shareholders' Meeting.

The board meeting was also an opportunity to welcome the new Directors Stefano Grassi, TIM Security Officer, Agostino Nuzzolo, responsible for Legal and Tax at TIM, and Alessandro Picardi, Chief of Public Affairs at TIM, who joined the Director Michela Mossini.

During the meeting, the CEO also illustrated relaunch plan of Sparkle, the important actions taken in the area of compliance and governance, as well as the guidelines of the new organization.


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