Our Stories

We have things we are particularly proud of. These are more than just our strengths, they are our reasons to be in business. They are our excellences.

Sparkle “Saper Fare” at Expo 2020 Dubai. We connect the world and enable thoughts, feelings, ideas.

SEABONE MARKS ITS 25TH ANNIVERSARY. A quarter century for success of Sparkle’s Tier1 IP Transit Service

Sparkle at Expo 2020 Dubai with TIM Group. BEYOND CONNECTIVITY

The World's Communication Network

Metamorfosis II. The first Green Data Center in Greece

Cyber Security Training Platform

An innovative tool that delivers an interactive and engaging experience from any device

Our solutions enable the development of worldwide communications

Sparkle's new NOC in Catania

Sicily Hub. The new Mediterranean Ecosystem

Multimessaging Suite. First, we position your business. Then we make it fly high

Voice & SMS Express