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Environmental Management System Telecom Italia Sparkle

Environment Policy
Telecom Italia Sparkle (TIS) considers “continuous improvement” the strategic tool through which it achieves its core business objectives, i.e. the supply of network services and resources, with such quality and price levels as to fully satisfy its customers’ needs.

In order to do so, TIS designs, implements and manages its production and support processes while guaranteeing compliance with law requirements, identifying early actions for potential improvement, and taking into account the following main principles:
•    A strong leadership capability of the company executives, in order to motivate all the involved employees in focusinAg all efforts on the Customer;
•    A commitment to spread within the company the environmental culture through appropriate information and training programs;
•    The safeguard of the employees’ safety and working environment;
•    The periodic definition of environmental goals, monitoring the results and re-examining the objectives.

The specific TIS goals are aimed at:
•    Optimising the use of energy sources, of natural resources, of materials and products.
•    Improving waste management in an effort to re-use and re-cycle materials and waste products.
•    Minimizing negative environmental impacts and maximizing the positive ones, taking advantage of the most advanced telecommunications services.
•    Adopting a purchasing policy that takes into account environmental issues, through the early involvement of the company’s providers.
•    Improving effectiveness and efficiency indexes of the company’s own processes.

The ISO 14001 Certification can be considered one of the main gears in order to guarantee that the internal production processes are indeed aimed at reaching the quality for the Customers, within a sustainable development framework.

TIS is adopting an Environmental Management System as the operational tool, to be applied in an effective and efficient manner, in order to support the company’s environmental policy.

Chairman - Alessandro Pansa
Chief Executive Officer - Enrico Bagnasco