Our Platform

IP&Data Platform

Are you maximising your opportunities in the new connectivity revolution? We offer a complete range of dedicated solutions designed to support your business and help it grow beyond borders. Access any content on the Internet with our secure global international IP connectivity; expand your reach through our high performance international bandwidth and IP MPLS services. Whatever your growth plans in this dynamic and exciting market, we’ll have your back while you stay focused on the next opportunity.

Cloud & Data Center Platform

We are proud to offer a suite of highly flexible and scalable Cloud and Data Center Solutions available in several DCs worldwide, with key assets and a strong presence in Italy, Greece and Turkey. Customers can experience top class integrated IaaS, PaaS and SaaS that meet the ever growing need for cost efficient and high security IT solutions. The Sparkle portfolio includes our next generation Data Center HUB in Palermo Sicily, that provides customers in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East with access to the world’s most popular content and a superb user experience.

Corporate Platform

Looking for a wide range of solutions aimed at serving the needs of corporate customers, including global connectivity and ICT Solutions? Sparkle’s services can be provided to enterprises directly or via partners. Partners can serve their customers by complementing their own service propositions and coverage through specific solutions provided via NNIs or by means of white label service platforms.

Mobile Platform

Make the most of our distinctive portfolio, designed to support the operations of new entrants as well as of established mobile operators. Our service aims to rapidly increase international mobile coverage and usage, generating new revenue streams for mobile operators while minimizing costs for service set up and management. Discover how Sparkle can strengthen your position with innovative, stress tested solutions to your global mobile needs.

Voice Platform

We excel at offering worldwide voice capabilities to Carriers, Service Providers and Mobile Operators, combining network reliability, competitive pricing and excellent routing solutions. Sparkle has been running a full IP softswitch multi-service network since 2004, with global MPLS capabilities carrying over 16 billion minutes annually. Thanks to this extensive experience and its state-of-the-art network architecture, Sparkle is able to interconnect both VoIP-native carriers - either SIP or H.323 with the most advanced protocols - as well as TDM carriers, offering benchmark excellence in customized voice solutions.

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