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31 July     

Sparkle Joins MEF Board of Directors

Member and MEF certified company since 2011, Sparkle has been a pioneer and promoter in adopting MEF guidelines

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Our Mission

Sparkle is an interactive ecosystem for the creation and consumption of global communication solutions. A platform in constant evolution that provides a communication infrastructure for the interaction between internal and external developers and global and local partners. Sparkle sets governance conditions for the interaction of five communities (IP&Data, Cloud & Data Center, Corporate, Mobile, Voice). Each Sparkle global service platform's purpose is to create matches and facilitate the exchange of services, thereby enabling value creation for all.

Our Stories

Our Stories

Sparkle’s tech and software innovations are transforming the way humans communicate. Everything we do is driven by a desire to find perfect solutions for all our clients’ needs.

Press release
29 July 2019     

Sparkle Launches Genome, the New Integrated Platform for Network Automation, Programmability and Virtualization

Sparkle pioneer in the implementation of the Autonomous Network of the future 
17 July 2019     

Chairman Alessandro Pansa and CEO Mario Di Mauro Visit the Sicily Hub in Palermo

The Sicilian capital hosts the beating heart of Sparkle’s network and is the Internet hub in the Mediterranean ...