Mobile Platform

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Value proposition

Through our platform and expertise, we support companies along the entire value chain from global connectivity through SIM/eSIM cards, to device and vertical applications, by providing the following solution elements:

  • Mobile Core network in cloud to provide connectivity across multiple countries with extremely low latency for addressing the different needs of any Vertical IoT use cases
  • A connectivity management platform aimed to administration and operational management for provisioning capabilities, inventory management, incident and problem management, and network performance capabilities. The portal enables data presentment, business intelligence reporting and analytics in order to monitor real-time consumption and asset status
  • Intelligent Sim Solution to remotely provision and manage the Sparkle profiles into Customer M2M devices and assets
  • Device and Application management to simplify the extraction of data from devices and machines, transmit that data efficiently over a network, and convert it into a form that is easily consumable by an IoT application to drive enhanced decision making capabilities


Product features

  • Global SIM enables the customer to connect at any Cellular network without the need of physically SIM change
  • Visibility and control of customer IoT devices, wherever deployed, within our global footprint
  • Flexible service management web portal to manage all SIMs
  • Instant connectivity through more than 500 roaming agreements
  • More simplicity in the managed IoT connectivity deployments
  • Access to local connectivity in several countries or regions, including integration of existing service providers through APIs, eSIM or Multi IMSI applet

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