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Through a single interconnection, Sparkle’s IPX Platform enables IP Data Services by providing immediate direct reach to all mobile operators worldwide. Sparkle’s customers can access high quality voice and mobile data services such as Data Roaming Engine (GRX), Signalling services - SS7/SIGTRAN (2-3G) and LTE/Diameter (4G) - SMS/MMS Hub, HD Voice and other innovative services including VoLTE, Instant Messaging, Presence, Videoshare and 5G NSA transport.

Sparkle’s IPX platform is able to support the development of new IP-based services and to guarantee a high level of inter-operability with a worldwide reach between various service providers.

The solution is built over a carrier grade proprietary MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) backbone with higher speed, increased reliability and QoS.


Global signalling

Sparkle Global Signalling enables international roaming (e.g. registration, authentication messages, location update and SMS) with the highest possible QoS.

It supports both SS7/SIGTRAN and Diameter protocols enabling inter-operability and worldwide signal routing, as well as 5G SA transport.

Created for Mobile Network Operators intending to provide global roaming services to their end subscribers’ customer base, Global Signalling is also suitable for other players needing international signalling connectivity.

The service is built on top of a secure, QoS enabled IPX Service and provides customers with LTE core network topology hiding, limiting both exposure to potential security attacks and sharing of the network topology layer with roaming partners.


Signalling protection suite

Signalling Protection Suite is a sophisticated all-in-one package that offers a complete portfolio of Protection Services from audit to active prevention to mobile operators, telco groups and multinational customers in vertical segments. Sparkle Signalling Protection Suite leverages on other MNOs' lessons learned to prevent attacks from hackers, fraudsters and foreign security services guaranteeing  a short time to market.


Roaming analytics

Sparkle Roaming Analytics provides MNOs with (near) real-time advanced business intelligence tools that analyse international mobile connectivity and roaming business (incoming & outgoing) based on algorithms which correlate different types of feeds such as Signalling, GRX/IPX, LTE/Diameter and TAP files. Analysis insights create an improved Roamer User Experience.

The solution provides Mobile Connectivity KPIs on Volumes & QoS with aggregated data per operator, (near) real-time Roaming QoE KPIs & transactions as also Roaming Business KPIs with granular data.


Outbound roaming solution

Outbound Roaming Solution (ORS) is an outsourced opportunity for mobile operators to enable, with a single point of contact, instant access to all roaming services with a worldwide coverage reach to increase mobile operator competitiveness and to generate new premium revenue stream.

VAS services can support you in reducing roaming costs and deliver improved services to your customers.

Sparkle’s Data Clearing Services complete the offering including validation, verification, conversion and processing of TAP files as well as the whole reporting to the customers.


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