04 March 2021     

GLF launches Code of Conduct for direct peering of critical IoT traffic to assure QoS

Sparkle is among the nine largest global IPX carriers that have joined a global initiative to improve the handling of critical IoT traffic, coordinated by the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF).


Sparkle GLF IoT Code of Conduct


Publishing a Code of Conduct today, the GLF has defined a framework among global carriers providing IPX-based traffic, to ensure quality of service for critical IoT applications.

The Code of Conduct, developed by a GLF working group, was established to address the current lack of technical and commercial frameworks and standards regarding the separation of different types of IoT traffic by quality of service when crossing international borders and networks.

The Code aims to create a framework in the following areas:

  • Ensure global coverage for critical IoT applications
  • Foster sharing of performance data and peering locations to improve service
  • Enable and promote guaranteed end-to-end QoS and SLAs for critical IoT
  • Facilitate localisation of data where use cases and/or local regulations require it


Find out more and read the PR on GLF website