31 July 2019     

Sparkle Joins MEF Board of Directors

Sparkle is pleased to announce that Daniele Mancuso, Vice President ICT Engineering, has been elected Board Director Member of the prestigious MEF (formerly Metro Ethernet Forum), the global industry alliance that gathers more than 220 service providers and vendors operating in the Telco and IT sectors.

TIM Group has been long-lasting contributor of MEF since the early years of Carrier Ethernet standardization and certification, with Sparkle operating as strong front-end influencer and active participant in the most challenging and innovative projects.

Moreover, MEF awarded the Company with another important recognition nominating Daniele Mancuso and Gabriele Laghi, Head of ICT Innovation LAB, Enterprise Network & Multinational Corporations Engineering, as “MEF Top Contributors” confirming Sparkle’s outstanding commitment and excellence in deploying forward-looking technologies and contributing to the definition of industry standards.

Member and MEF certified company since 2011, Sparkle has been a pioneer and promoter in adopting MEF guidelines. More recently, in 2018, Sparkle has been awarded with Best MEF 3.0 Implementation Project and with the Silver Proof of Concept Award for Federated Inter-carrier Data-on-demand Services through Automated Discovery and Blockchain Settlement. These wins follow the recognitions achieved by Sparkle in 2017 for Enterprise Application of the year for Media, in 2016 for LSO Leadership Worldwide and Third Network Proof of Concept Innovation, and in 2015 for Best Service Innovation-EMEA and Best Enterprise Application.