04 April 2024     

2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey’s Main Results

At Sparkle, Customer Experience is at the heart of all business processes: since 2014 we have been using the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to assess clients’ satisfaction with our products and services.

Our priority is to provide value to our customers: we listen carefully to their rapidly changing needs and provide them with solutions that excel in quality and performance and meet their demands.
In 2023 CSI stands at 84, more than ten points higher than the first survey ten years ago. This steady growth trend, coupled by the remarkable 9.08 score for Loyalty, is a testament of the entire company’s commitment towards fulfilling its customers’ needs. 
The Net Promoter Score, since its first survey in 2016, has increased by twenty points, from 43 to 63, with Enterprise as best performer scoring 67 in NPS and standing out also for Customer Experience with 86% of complete satisfaction.

The survey includes answers from hundreds of respondents across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Sales Management was ranked highest by Sparkle’s customers, closely followed by Customer Order Handling, but more generally all areas exceed the value of 8, leading to a well-distributed and collective excellence.

Here are a few examples of customers’ comments:

  • “No matter the nature of our interaction, whether it was a simple inquiry, a purchase, or assistance, your sales team has consistently acted swiftly and efficiently.”
  • “Sparkle has a level of commitment that ensures business operations to run smoothly and without delays.”
  • “Continue to improve technology and extend communications all over the world.” 
  • “Keep Sparkle always innovating.”


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