11 April 2023     

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Automating the Global Ecosystem

2023 is shaping up as a year of accelerated adoption of MEF standards enabling secure, dynamic services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. More than 115 service providers worldwide are now in some stage of the adoption lifecycle for LSO Sonata business APIs  - up 130% year/year.

MEF continues to progress valuable work on LSO operational APIs with the expectation of first implementations this year. And the recent release of our first SASE services and Zero Trust framework standards sets the stage for an exciting new chapter for MEF as we evolve to meet the demanding needs of enterprise digital transformation.


Key Highlights of the Rome meeting, Rome 17 - 20 April

  • LSO Partner Conference – automating business and operational functions, driving adoption, and evolving to LSO Blockchain-based billing and settlement
  • The MEF Showcase – spotlighting innovation and accelerating transformation through collaboration
  • MEF Committees – dozens of active projects on the topics of digital services, LSO automation, certification and more
  • MEF's upcoming State of the Industry report - Paradigm Shift: Inter-Provider Service Automation – assisting SPs in all stages of the LSO adoption lifecycle, from interest through to implementation
  • SD-WAN services, certification, and cybersecurity (SASE & Zero Trust) frameworks
  • MEF's annual flagship event 2-4 Oct - to feature a new brand, theme, format, and awards program!
  • Turn Ideas into Action - Meeting Highlights
  • Thought leadership at its best on display in the opening plenary at the TIM Group's Auditorium


More ways to engage with the MEF community - Networking, social activities

  • Committee tracks to influence and move forward the future of MEF works and influence
  • New to MEF? Learn the ins and outs of navigating MEF to maximize your membership


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