13 June 2023     

Sparkle: Agreement with Kush Investments on a Virtual Fiber Solution Connecting Djibouti with Europe and India

The investment of the UAE-based firm supports the digital expansion and growth of the East Africa region


Rome, 13 June 2023

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global operators, announces the signing of an agreement with the UAE-based Kush Investments firm to provide long-term solution in the upcoming Blue & Raman Submarine Cable Systems to serve the East Africa region.

The agreement, signed in Sparkle’s Rome headquarters by Mohammed Yusef, CIO of Kush Investments, and Enrico Maria Bagnasco, CEO of Sparkle, will provide Kush Investments with a virtual fiber solution connecting Mumbai and Djibouti with Europe (via Palermo, Genoa, Marseille and Milan) and with India (Mumbai), thus expanding the Kush Investments’ asset portfolio in the ICT infrastructure sector and allowing the development of new business opportunities and projects in the telecom area in East African countries. 

The agreement between Sparkle and Kush Investments also concerns other potential cooperation areas. The two companies in fact are ready to expand their collaboration in the telecom and ICT sector to support the further expansion of East Africa, the continent’s fastest-growing region in the last years.

Muhammed Yusef, CIO of Kush Investments, said: “We are excited to be undertaking this investment with our joint venture partners Al Qalaa Investments as part of our collective commitment to build opportunities for innovation and infrastructure development in Africa today.  Working with Sparkle is a natural fit and collaboration for us, where together we will drive new solutions via BlueRaman to the digital agenda across the continent. We are pleased to be working collaboratively on this initiative and other areas that focus on unlocking the potential of connecting Africa and driving the continued growth of the digital ecosystem there in the years to come.”

“We are extremely pleased of this agreement that, while accelerating the development of international telecommunication infrastructures and contributing to support the impressive digital growth in Africa, represents the beginning of a partnership with Kush Investments to be developed in various fields”, said Enrico Bagnasco. “Sparkle is ready and willing to strengthen the cooperation in Africa leveraging its portfolio of digital services as well as to collaborate in the field of education with training programs conceived to share the knowledge of the digital infrastructure sector.”    




About Kush Investments

Established in Dubai, UAE, at the crossroads of the investment world, Kush Investments is a dynamic investment firm focused on impact investing in the sectors of energy, infrastructure, innovation, financial services, and agriculture across Africa.  The firm focuses its catalytic investment focus on driving sustainable economic growth through its five-portfolios, in partnership with leading investors from Africa and the GCC.


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