04 July 2024     

Sparkle: Agreement with MainStreaming for Environmentally Sustainable Video Content Distribution

The Media delivery company relies on Sparkle's data centres and transport network for high-performance, energy-efficient video streaming

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global operators, strengthens its partnership with media delivery company MainStreaming to support the distribution of high-performance video content in an environmentally sustainable manner. Under the agreement, Sparkle will double the space reserved for MainStreaming's servers in its green data centre in Athens to further enrich its global Internet connectivity service offering.

MainStreaming acts as an international technology partner to broadcasters, over-the-top, digital media companies and emerging players providing video streaming at the highest quality and in an environmentally sustainable manner. With its innovative Intelligent Media Delivery Platform, MainStreaming has achieved Carbon Neutral certification, thus reaching net-zero thanks to its innovative energy-efficient software network architecture. In fact, MainStreaming's AI-based technology can optimise the use of network resources and reduce energy consumption by more than 50 per cent compared to traditional distribution technologies.

In order to have a point of presence capable of serving customers in the Balkan region, MainStreaming chose to rely on Sparkle by colocating its systems in the Metamorfosis I DC in Athens, data center certified to use renewable energy, and to take advantage of Seabone's high-speed Internet connectivity service, capable of supporting the distribution of high-performance, low-latency video content, thanks to its proprietary fibre-optic network that spans many kilometres across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

"The efficiency of our global network enables the transport of high-quality video content with reduced latency and no service interruption," says Annalisa Bonatti, Vice President Enterprise at Sparkle. "'Ensuring these services while respecting environmental sustainability is our mission. Notably, 100 per cent of the electricity used in Sparkle's data centres in Greece comes from renewable sources, resulting in zero carbon emissions."

"We have found in Sparkle a top technology partner that shares our commitment to sustainability," says Antonio G. Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. "Sparkle's data centre and network efficiencies allow us to further enhance the user experience while reducing our environmental footprint."

The agreement with MainStreaming confirms Sparkle as a partner of choice for the media & broadcasting industry offering ultra-fast and energy efficient Internet connections.



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