22 October 2007     

Sparkle launches IP Backbone in Singapore

The state-of-the-art Point of Presence in Singapore is fully integrated in Sparkle's next generation global backbone and will support the provisioning of voice/VoIP services, managed bandwidth, IP transit and VAS, dedicated IP-VPNs and mobile solutions to fixed and mobile operators, ISP and multinational clients.

In addition, Sparkle is today one of the few facility-based carriers operating a proprietary backhaul infrastructure connecting the city's main data centers with Tuas, a key cable landing station on the island where submarine systems connect Singapore to the rest of the world.

With the new Asian network infrastructure and the new POP, Singapore is now at the heart of Sparkle's global network, connecting its extensive and capillary European network to its IP backbone in the US, thus closing the loop around the globe to offer a unique, robust and resilient internet connectivity solution, dedicated to support Service Providers and enhance end-users' internet experience.

Sparkle's new advanced network infrastructure combined with the company's expertise in managing worldwide customer network solutions will allow Sparkle to better serve corporate customers in the Asian market through its range of differentiated offers, and support their growing presence in the region.

"The Singapore POP with its innovative network architecture is a unique regional gateway offering Asian customers an efficient access to a full range of services for both fixed and mobile operators, with unmatched guarantees in terms of quality and reliability. Strengthening our presence in Singapore is a key milestone in Sparkle's strategy for growth and expansion in Asia - a market that offers both a competitive challenge and significant opportunities", says Stefano Mazzitelli, CEO of Sparkle.

The launch event will take place on the 22th October in Singapore.

About Telecom Italia Sparkle

Telecom Italia Sparkle SpA (Sparkle), a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia, was established on January 1st, 2003 with the objective of developing and consolidating the Italian Group's international wholesale and retail business. It is one of the world's top ten Global IP backbone providers, with a presence in 21 countries on four continents. In 2006, the company reported revenues of USD 3.3 billion.

Sparkle is a full service provider, offering a complete range of solutions spanning voice services, IP, bandwidth and managed data services for fixed-line and mobile operators, ISPs and, in synergy with Telecom Italia, for multinational corporations. Sparkle is also active in the consulting services business, aimed at carriers and financial institutions.

According to most recent independent reports, Sparkle is ranked Europe's number 1 player in terms of voice service revenue and among the top 5 carriers worldwide in terms of total voice traffic. The company is a Tier-1 IP & data service provider in Europe and Latin America, and a major player in selected extra-European markets.

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