09 November 2016     

Capacity Awards 2016 - Best Marketing Campaign

Sparkle’s Global Rebranding Campaign “The World’s Communication Platform” recognized as the industry’s Best Marketing Campaign for 2016

Sparkle, the international services arm of Telecom Italia Group and among top 10 global operators, receives the Best Marketing Campaign award. The announcement was given at the 2016 Capacity Awards ceremony held yesterday in Paris, as part of the Capacity Europe conference attended by over 2,000 of the most prominent representatives of the international telecommunications community.

Sparkle’s 2016 Global Advertising Campaign has a particular relevance as it is part of a global rebranding effort that so far has proved very successful. The Brand’s new payoff “The World’s Communication Platform” highlights Sparkle’s renewed positioning in the international telecommunications market. Sparkle today is as an interactive ecosystem in constant evolution, an intelligent platform able to generate new value through the interactions of customers, suppliers and partners. The value of experience in a human to human approach. A global network for the creation and consumption of technological and innovative solutions that is able to anticipate the needs before they are expressed.

In its multi-subject declination, the campaign maintains Sparkle’s new identity at the center of the narrative by underlining the distinctive elements of the five product platforms, IP&Data, Cloud& Data Center, Corporate, Mobile and Voice.

“We are very happy that the eminent panel of judges engaged by Capacity Awards has recognized the effectiveness of our 2016 advertising campaign in expressing Sparkle’s new positioning on the global telecommunication market” says Filippo Sanpaolesi, Head of Communication.

The rich, diversified and innovative media and channel mix together with the wide geographical scope of the campaign were among main elements evaluated by the judges.

The start-up of the rebranding campaign was on May 9th 2016. Planned on most important international and social media and mainly online, the campaign is on air through the Fall.