23 April 2012     

Telecom Italia Sparkle announces the acquisition of the first customer in Africa of its IPX solution

Telecom Italia Sparkle, the international services arm of Telecom Italia Group, is pleased to announce ASGSM.MOBI LTD as the first IPX customer in the African continent.

Telecom Italia Sparkle IPX solution, with end-to-end Class of Service management and top quality standards delivered through SLAs, represents a secure integrated service platform which allows mobile operators the delivery of voice, mobile data and new innovative multimedia services through a single and private IP connection.

To maximize further the benefits of its newly acquired IPX solution, ASGSM has strengthened its partnership with Telecom Italia Sparkle by adding a set of mobile data services to be managed through the IPX platform including Global Signalling, Net2Mobile-GRX and Outbound Roaming Solution, alternatively known as Dual IMSI.

“Residential and Business end users demand more and more access to new applications and innovative content rich services such as Presence, Instant Messaging, Videoshare and Gaming“ states Riccardo Delleani, TI Sparkle Chief Executive Officer “and our IPX solution responds to the requirements of mobile operators that want to deliver these innovative IP-based services with superior quality and security levels”.

“With the continuous introduction of new advanced services, mobile operators are faced with a crucial increase of connectivity costs” states Abdullahi A. Hussein, ASGSM President and Chief Executive Officer. “With Telecom Italia Sparkle IPX solution we are able to provide as many services as our market requires through a single pair of IPX interconnections, implemented in record time, that support all our requirements in terms of Signalling, GRX, SMS, MMS and Roaming services”.

TI Sparkle is leader in Connectivity, Roaming and Messaging services and through its extensive proprietary state-of-the-art global backbone has long been providing leading-edge services that have won a customer base of more than 100 mobile operators worldwide. TI Sparkle has a one of most enhanced mobile service portfolio and extensive global reach in the market and guarantees complete customer satisfaction providing high quality solutions that can be fully customized based on specific client needs.

About ASGSM 
ASGSM.MOBI is a mobile operator in Somalia who provides extensive value added services including low cost domestic packages and free international roaming, free virtual mobile wallet for in country Somalis and an integrated and reliable mobile and virtual mobile wallet services for Somalis outside of Somalia. For Further information about the innovative and value added services of ASGSM.MOBI LTD, including the international free roaming services of SALAMGSM (ASGSM.MOBI Network) and the integrated virtual mobile wallet services GOCASH (ASGSM.MOBI Mobile wallet services), please contact as@asgsm.mobi