05 October 2004     

Telecom Italia Sparkle: new partnership with Tunisie Telecom for Mediterranean Region corporate telecommunications service provision

As a result of this partnership, TI Sparkle and Tunisie Telecom will combine their voice and data services know-how and competencies to play a leading role in the Mediterranean basin market.
Tunisie Telecom and Telecom Italia Sparkle’s multinational clients will benefit from a wide range of high standard services including e-mail, video communication and sensitive data transfer between head and regional offices.

“This agreement is another step towards becoming a leading provider of services to multinational clients around the world, over our proprietary network and through ad hoc alliances. We are proud that Tunisie Telecom has chosen us as their primary provider of international telecommunications services; it is an acknowledgement of our growing commitment to the Mediterranean,” says Stefano Mazzitelli, CEO at Telecom Italia Sparkle.

“We are very pleased to be working alongside Telecom Italia Sparkle in our efforts to cater to the exacting requirements of multinational clients that have offices in Tunisia. It is vital to serve these corporate clients, especially Italian enterprises, by offering a full range of one-stop end-to-end solutions,” says Ahmed Mahjoub, Chairman and General Manager of Tunisie Telecom.

This partnership will enable TI Sparkle to improve its presence in North Africa by leveraging Tunisie Telecom’s strategic positioning in the area. Tunisie Telecom is seizing the opportunity to enhance its range of services by leveraging the experience Telecom Italia Sparkle has gained in Western nations.

Telecom Italia Sparkle

Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A. (TI Sparkle) is the wholly-owned Telecom Italia Group subsidiary with the mission to develop and consolidate the Italian telco’s international wholesale business.
As a global carrier, TI Sparkle offers a full range of voice, data, Internet protocol (IP) and bandwidth service solutions to fixed and mobile network carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs) and, in tandem with Telecom Italia, to multinational enterprises and groups.

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Tunisie Telecom

Wholly-owned by the Tunisian State, Tunisie Télécom S.A is the natural port of call for multinational companies seeking top telecommunications services at reduced costs.

Combining advanced technologies, high network performance standards and a valuable range of competencies, Tunisie Telecom is a leading provider of a full range of fixed and mobile services, leased lines, ISP services, data and more.

To find out more about Tunisie Telecom, go to: www.tunisietelecom.tn