20 February 2006     

Telecom Italia Sparkle successfully participated to the SMS hub “proof of concept” and to the IMS/SIP interoperability trial, two major initiatives of the GSM Association (GSMA)

Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group’s international carrier, announces the successful accomplishment of two major initiatives led by the GSMA: the first “proof of concept” trial for SMS delivery via hub-based infrastructure and the beginning of interoperability trials for Video Sharing Service via hub based IMS/SIP platform.

The SMS hub will support cross network text message (SMS) traffic that will dramatically reduce the time and complexity of establishing inter-working agreements among mobile operators on a global basis. The objective of the proof of concept was to make it easier for customers to exchange text messages via every mobile operator in the world. Telecom Italia Sparkle was able to successfully deliver SMS traffic among TIM, Orange, SFR, Proximus and other hub providers. Next step of the GSMA-led project is to launch a large scale SMS ‘hubbing’ trial with a broad range of operators and hub providers.

The IMS/SIP-based hub will represent the basic infrastructure for the development and the take-up of new innovative mobile services. The platform will allow users to use IP based service (such as video share service) across both fixed and mobile networks in a fast and efficient way.

These two initiatives represents the first evidence of Telecom Italia Sparkle’s new strategy focused on the enrichment of its service portfolio for the mobile industry with the aim of becoming the best-in-class partner for mobile operators. Telecom Italia Sparkle’s strategy focuses on leveraging emerging market trends in the mobile industry (such as messaging and content based applications) requiring integrated outsourcing solutions for transport, clearing and brokering services.