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Gruppo TIM
09 June 2022     

TIM and Sparkle: Agreement with Benetton Group, Faster and More Secure Connections in Sites Worldwide

Rome, 9 June 2022

TIM and Sparkle sign an agreement with Benetton Group to accelerate the digitalization of its venues worldwide with secure, low-latency connections in over 300 offices, shops and production sites.

Thanks to the innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) solution offered by TIM Group with Sparkle, the Benetton Group will be able to simplify its private network architecture, achieving more efficient and real-time control of its applications. 

TIM and Sparkle will provide an innovative network infrastructure to the Benetton Group in Europe, Africa and Asia with the ability to connect new locations around the world as customer needs evolve. Thanks to the new platform, employees and point-of-sale staff will be able to securely access the company’s information system even on the move.

TIM and Sparkle, thanks to their integrated networks and wide availability of connectivity and ICT services, are confirmed as reference partners for companies and institutions in providing innovative and high value-added digital services.

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