Seabone: 25 years of passion, growth and resilience


Sparkle celebrates the 25th anniversary of Seabone, its global Tier-1 IP Transit Service and Backbone providing high-speed access to the global Internet to ISPs and content providers worldwide. In a quarter century, the network has expanded exponentially, supporting the Internet revolution and keeping the world connected also during the hardest times.

In these 25 years, Seabone’s incredible success worldwide has been built on ensuring continuous top quality, reliability and thanks to a highly skilled dedicated team. Mostly, its success has been driven by the customers that have contributed to Seabone’s growth and top positioning in the global ranking.

Seabone today is one of the top transit providers in strategic markets like the Mediterranean basin, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.


Key Milestones

First 45Mb links between Milan, Palermo, Miami and Montreal established through Seabone
From 2000
Continuous growth in coverage, capacity and performances, supporting the most latency-sensitive applications
Seabone reaches its peak in internet traffic distribution enabling the digital life during the pandemic and contributing to keep the world connected
Seabone ranks #5 worldwide and supports speeds up to 400 Gbps




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