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TI Sparkle Turkey Telekomünikasyon Anonim Şirketi is part of Sparkle Group, a leading global telecommunication provider offering a full range of ICT solutions, global connectivity, services and capabilities. Sparkle Turkey provides Network, Data Center and Cloud Services in Turkey with its privately owned Premium data center facilities in Istanbul, offering cost effective solutions that best fulfill the performance, efficiency, flexibility and quality standards required by customers.

Sparkle's Mediterranean backbone is the first and only ring protected network in the region based on leading edge DWDM technology, providing seamless connectivity between Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus by way of a 11,000 km Submarine System fully interconnected with Sparkle's Pan-European and Atlantic backbones which extend its reach into major cities of both Europe and North America. Sparkle is committed to innovation, flexibility and the highest service level in the industry.

With a fully diversified Network and advanced facilities, Sparkle is the choice of preference of many global and regional carriers as well as enterprises in Turkey. Sparkle is also a leading Cloud and Data Center solutions provider through proprietary next generation assets in Istanbul.


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Our Platform

SASE Connect

Value proposition

The world of Telecommunications is in constant change: new global circumstances have entailed a shift of perspective in multiple aspects of our lives, and the workplace is no exception.

The technological transformation has already begun and new socio-political scenarios have dramatically accelerated its importance; the almost immediate transition to remote work environments will heavily affect the new normal.

Enterprises are moving towards SaaS models to achieve greater agility: they are moving applications to the cloud to remain competitive and expand their perimeters with both distributed offices and remote working from home.

Employees’ increased demand to access data from anywhere leads to the need of protection against an ever-evolving set of security vulnerabilities.

IT Units must support this transformation by providing users with the same application experience regardless of their location while ensuring the security of networks, applications and data.

Sparkle delivers SASE Connect, a SASE Platform and a unified cloud service model, combined with Sparkle security and connectivity expertise, to manage business policies, security rules, configuration, monitoring, operations, and troubleshooting of any fixed and mobile business asset.


Sparkle SASE Connect provides an easy one-stop-shop suite of security and networking services by enabling remote work away from the corporate perimeter regardless of the physical location of the device or network connectivity.

The security components of SASE Connect are:

  • Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


SASE Connect provides customers with flexible, secure, optimized and cost-effective access to the cloud by leveraging any type of underlying connectivity, including the public Internet.

The main advantages from the customer’s perspective are:

  • No Complexity
    • SASE connect enhances consolidation among plenty of different platforms by offering a unique management tool and automation framework
    • Cloud-based security services offer cost-efficient approaches for scaling and bursting, by leveraging on the different SASE Connect features and options
    • Sparkle expertise on networking and security provides a fully reliable and seamless managed service
  • Increased performances
    • SASE Connect provides constant network monitoring that detects data performance avoiding backhauling, tromboning and VPN roaming
  • Simplified Security
    • Security Policy implementation and enforcement rules are unified as they are brought closer to users and applications
    • The same tools and practices are used regardless of the physical location
    • End-to-end encryption enables a higher level of compliance, while cloud-scale security features enhance detection and remediation of even advanced threats
  • Multi-Vendor approach
    • SASE Connect serves customers with single plane of glass, providing flexibility and scalability in terms of functionality
    • Customers will be able to choose the preferred technology to support their business needs whether or not bundled with an existing connectivity solution




Our Network

Sparkle is a broadband network services provider with an undersea, state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network in the Mediterranean region. Using leading-edge DWDM technology, the Mediterranean Network provides seamless connectivity from the Mediterranean region to Western Europe and the US.

The network spans approximately 11,000 Km of Sparkle’s interlocking loop system, linking Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, as well as the Pan-European and Atlantic wavelengths which link the major cities of Western Europe to North America.

Turkey network


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