Press Releases

18 June 2006     

Batelco and Telecom Italia Sparkle Sign Partnership Agreement

Batelco and Telecom Italia Sparkle, the international division of Telecom Italia, have signed a bilateral agreement to provide a range of data communication services to its MNC (Multi National Companies) customers and enhance the geographical reach of both parties.

04 May 2006     

Telecom Italia Sparkle is now an Associate Member of the GSM Association

Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group’s international carrier, announces that it has joined the GSM Association (GSMA). Mr Arturo Danesi, Senior Vice President Marketing, explains: "Telecom Italia Sparkle supports mobile operators to improve their competitiveness by providing leading services for signalling, GRX and global MMS interworking.

23 March 2006     

Cable & Wireless and Telecom Italia Sparkle team up to offer enhanced international MPLS Services

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23 February 2006     

Telecom Italia Sparkle and Cisco Systems join forces to build S@fe a wholesale solution to help prevent denial of service attacks .

Telecom Italia Sparkle (TI Sparkle) and Cisco Systems®, Inc. (Cisco) are jointly announcing the roll-out of S@FE, a network-based solution for international wholesale customers of the TI Sparkle IP backbone (SEABONE). S@fe is designed to provide more effective protection against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

20 February 2006     

Telecom Italia Sparkle successfully participated to the SMS hub “proof of concept” and to the IMS/SIP interoperability trial, two major initiatives of the GSM Association (GSMA)

Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group’s international carrier, announces the successful accomplishment of two major initiatives led by the GSMA: the first “proof of concept” trial for SMS delivery via hub-based infrastructure and the beginning of interoperability trials for Video Sharing Service via hub based IMS/SIP platform.