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DDos Protection Service


Anti DDoS protection solutions are the Seabone set of services to mitigate and clean the attacks - and so to protect customer network -based on scrubbing centers distributed on our backbone with a significant mitigation throughout that – in case of exceptional large attacks – are supported and enriched by the Arbor cloud service. These services are available with several options like Proactive DDoS service, where Sparkle SOC proactively notifies Customers of an attack and then applies the Mitigation & Cleaning, Self DDoS, a smart option for customers to self-protect their networks and stop attacks in minutes applying the Mitigation & Cleaning by themselves, and BGP Flowspec, a new mitigation technique to rate-limit or drop the attacks at the edge of the backbone with specific granularity in terms of matching criteria and filtering like source/destination address, packet lengths, ports.

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