Enterprise Platform

Global Connect

Value proposition

Complete portfolio of connectivity services ranging from entry-level solutions for small and medium companies, to multinational business continuity solutions, with the highest level of service performance.

Sparkle’s Global Connect offers not only great reliability for requirements in Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas, but also the dedicated support of a highly skilled team for your specific connectivity needs to distinctive destinations.


  • Wide range of access capabilities for both L2 and MPLS L3 Services
  • Consolidated experience to distinctive destinations
  • Traditional relationship with worldwide in-country operators
  • Driven by Sparkle’s global dedicated MNC Connectivity backbone
  • Highly skilled resources gathered in a dedicated Business Line

Product features

Offered under the Networking Solutions Service Portfolio - Carrier MPLS, IP-VPN Suite, Ethernet Suite - Global Connect can fulfill specific connectivity needs to distinctive destinations like Libya and other Nord African countries, Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries.

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