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Ethernet Suite

Value proposition

Sparkle Ethernet Suite is Sparkle's solution aimed to address the needs of high-performing, transparent, secure and cost-effective end-to-end Ethernet connectivity of its Customers.

Ethernet Suite is available in different service profiles, offering specific features to properly address and fulfill Customer needs: from Cloud Connect, allowing Customer to connect its premises to the major public Cloud Service providers DC, to Broadcasting Connect, a solution targeting the needs of high performance and specific features of media companies, content distributors, TV platforms players and financial institutes.

Ethernet Suite is provided on Sparkle’s Carrier Ethernet backbone, which is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified (MEF CE 1.0, CE2.0 and CE 3.0).


The Ethernet Suite is available in different service profiles, offering specific features to properly address and fulfill Customer needs:

With Ethernet Suite - Global Connect, Sparkle offers worldwide End-to-End Connectivity Services up to (in-country) Customer location at the highest quality standard thanks to Sparkle's proprietary Pan European Backbone (PEB), the Latin American Nautilus (LAN) Backbone, the Mediterranean Nautilus (MED) Backbone, a wide number of submarine cable participations, as well as close-partnerships and agreements with the local and regional players.

Sparkle coverage is global, but some distinctive destinations are Italy, Greece, Turkey and in general the Mediterranean countries.

Ethernet Suite - Cloud Connect (go to the detailed page of the service)

The Seabone Connect profile offers the possibility to implement the Service connection between a Customer location and an existing Customer Seabone port: in other terms, the EVC endpoint on Sparkle CEN is a Seabone port already in use by the Customer.

Note that Seabone Connect does neither resell the “Seabone Service” nor includes any Internet Access Service: therefore, Customer will have to sign an Ethernet Suite contract for the connectivity between pre-defined points and a Seabone contract for the IP Transit Services; IP addresses are not relevant for provisioning of the Ethernet Suite Service, and therefore will only be offered (if required) with the Seabone Service.

With its extended Tier-1 IP backbone presence throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States, its unique presence in the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin, and ongoing expansion plans in Africa and Asia Pacific, Sparkle IP Transit Service “Seabone” is the perfect product to meet the global Internet (IPv4 or IPv6) Customer needs.

Sparkle’s Broadcasting Connect addresses Customer need of Ethernet connectivity with specific service characteristics like high-capacity (even till 100 Gbps), Jumbo Frames (MTU = 9000 Byte), high level performances in terms of latency and jitter for Real Time traffic and latency sensitive applications.

Product features

Ethernet Suite offers:

  • multiple access technologies (fiber, copper, wireless) and standards (Ethernet, xDSL…) to guarantee the most capillary coverage
  • flexible bandwidth, from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps options
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint network topologies
  • Service protection, diversification and specific routing
  • Outsourcing & equipment provisioning services worldwide: a single point of contact for the provisioning, installation, maintenance and network management on request
  • Flexible pricing scheme and contract models
  • Service Level Agreement, to guarantee high quality services
  • Possibility of integration through Sonata API for quoting and ordering
  • Cloud Connect On-Demand feature for Cloud Connect service profile

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