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Ethernet Suite

Value proposition

The Ethernet Suite Service caters those customers who need to connect different international data environments through cost-effective, high-performing, secure and transparent end-to-end connectivity.

Based on Sparkle’s global Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified state-of-the-art Carrier Ethernet backbone, the Ethernet Suite offers unbeatable flexibility in terms of scalability and cost reduction compared to other connectivity solutions.


Flexibility and granularity for bandwidth: from 2Mbps to 10Gbps with different steps according to your needs

Based on Sparkle’s global MEF certified Carrier Ethernet backbone

To underline the enormous potentiality of the Ethernet suite, Sparkle offers the following commercial propositions:

  • Global Connect provides great reliability to distinctive destinations like Libya and other Nord African countries, Ethiopia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Italy, Brazil, Albania, Turkey, Greece and other Mediterranean countries
  • Cloud Connect supports customers (either pure domestic or International-focused) who need to be connected over private WAN links to Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google
  • IXP Connect caters to customers that need to transport IP traffic to International Exchange Points. In combination with Sparkle’s Bandwidth On Demand portal, customers can easily manage via single portal an entire global, cost-effective, private and secure multi-CoS Carrier Ethernet network, connecting their own local servers to ISPs, CDNs, mobile and fixed operators located abroad without the need to install and operate routers in foreign data centers and bear the related collocation costs
  • Data Center Connect supports customers who need to transport large data between two or more end points, with a certain Service Performance in terms of Frame Delay (FD), Frame Delay Variation (FDV), Frame Loss Ratio (FLR)
  • Broadcasting Connect caters media, content distributors, TV platform players and Financial institutes that need to transport latency-sensitive data between two or more end points, with specific Service characteristic such as L2 Protocol Transparency, Jumbo Frames, Class of Service (CoS) and Real Time Performance (jitter, Latency)
  • Cost saving: the combination of the various commercial propositions allows the full optimization of the physical interface
  • Multiple-access technologies: fiber, copper and wireless access types, to guarantee capillary coverage
  • Outsourcing & equipment provisioning services worldwide: a single point of contact for the provisioning, installation, maintenance and network management on request
  • Service level Agreement: to guarantee high quality services, Sparkle offers market ready service level agreements

Product features

Ethernet Suite is provided through Sparkle’s MEF CE 1.0 and 2.0 certified Carrier Ethernet Backbone guaranteeing a ubiquitous, standardized, carrier-class Service in terms of specific attributes as VLAN preservation, Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast, Layer2 Control Protocol Processing (L2CP), Class of Service (CoS),  Service Multi-plexing and Service Performance (Frame Delay (FD), Frame Delay Variation (FDV) and Frame Loss Ratio (FLR).

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